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Ways To Lower Your Cooling Bill This Summer

Published on May 16, 2022
lower your energy bill

Even if you’re swimming with cash, one of the concerns you likely have is: how do I lower the cost of my bills?

While there’s no magic solution, there are solutions nonetheless. Now, much like any good investment, some things may cost upfront. A few small changes, however, can help you save more.

So here’s a list to increase your system’s efficiency without changing how great you feel when you enter your home. If you sit down with your calculator and number 2 pencil, some things can help out on the impact of your heating and cooling bill.

Change Your Filter

It seems obvious for some, and not for others. A clean filter doesn’t just keep the dust and bacteria from floating in the air, it also benefits the health of your system’s longevity. A clean filter makes your blower work less.

A nasty filter will stop preventing the dust, and may pass through many of the particles straight to the main parts of your cooling system. This dust can end up on the blower motor, blower wheel, and coils. All the debris will cause your system to suffer. Clean parts will always produce a more efficient cooling system.

It’s important to have a filter with a high HEPA rating to catch the nasty crud that would normally end up in your system. There’s a trade-off, however, as thicker filters do restrict airflow to your unit.

The restriction does help with your health as it catches more, but does result in making your system work harder with the static pressure.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

When your maintenance is on a schedule, your whole system will be benefited to run smoothly. A trained technician will be able to share when a part os wearing out, so you can save on what would be a larger future repair bill. Identifying small problems that might’ve become larger if left alone can help you save up to 4x in cost.

During a maintenance visit, your professional technician will test the refrigerant. If this is low, it can damage the compressor, indoor coil, and heat exchanger. A single leak can cause separate repairs.

Skipping your maintenance simply because your unit is new is a silly concept. Your AC could be hiding issues that only a certified technician could find. Even without new sounds or puddles, your home seems fine, but could be losing up to 5% of the efficiency. At the rate of diminishing returns, that percentage increases and lost efficiency could be much, much greater.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

Any new thermostat won’t be the key to your energy saving plan. but a programmable thermostat can automate the raising and lowering of your temperature to keep your unit from overworking self.

Some estimates show that you could be saving around $180 per year with a programmable thermostat.

Smart thermostats save your change by keeping the temp higher for longer, and with your schedule, only cool your space before you arrive. If you ever forget to change your temperature, the handy app on your phone allows you to control the temp from anywhere. How useful if you go on vacation and forgot that one tiny detail.

Cooling System Efficiency in Manatee County

If we ever find someone who actually wants to spend more on their bills, we’re likely to call them crazy. As equipment becomes more efficient, replacing your system will guarantee long-term savings.

While simple things like changing your air filter seem without return, small changes add up and can result in great savings.

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