Thermostats continue to evolve, offering superior control, convenience, comfort, and energy savings. With so many innovative options on the market, it can be difficult to know what exactly each model offers and which one would prove most advantageous for you. Primary Air Heating & Cooling, Inc. keeps up with what’s new in smart thermostats. We’re happy to share our knowledge, customize our recommendations and help you maximize potential rewards and return from investment.

Smart Thermostats for a Smarter Way to Control the Temperature

Just like a wifi option, a smart thermostat can be accessed through your phone, tablet, or any connected device. However, smart models include the ability to learn and make decisions. Today’s control generation creates algorithms to maximize energy savings and provide set and forget operations. There’s the opportunity for features such as proximity sensors, room sensors, energy tracking & reporting, climate zoning, voice control, touchscreens and so much more.

Add a Smart Thermostat to Your Internet of Things

Smart thermostats save you time and money, elevate comfort, simplify control, and actively troubleshoot. You can take advantage of reminders for filter changes and maintenance, alerts for temperature fluctuation, notifications for power outages and more. Discuss options with Primary Air Heating & Cooling, Inc.. We’re happy to explain everything from customizable displays to geofencing. Our professionals are skilled in proper installation, setup, and maintenance. We look forward to providing satisfying improvements to temperature control across Ellenton, Palmetto, Bradenton, Memphis, South Bradenton, and West Bradenton, FL.

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