Primary Air Heating & Cooling, Inc. offers the versatility, minimal footprint, and swift, non-damaging installation of ductless HVAC. Our selection of ductless mini- and multi-split air conditioners and heat pumps accommodate older as well as newer homes, small spaces and open floor plans, a single room, or the entire residence. Quiet, energy-efficient, and despite compact components, impressively powerful, nearly endless configurations deliver a perfect fit and ideal comfort.

Ductless HVAC Options for Every Home

For most homes in Manatee County, Sarasota County and the Tampa Bay Area, Primary Air Heating & Cooling, Inc. has your new ductless system up and running in a single afternoon. There’s no renovation or cleanup required. You enjoy the many benefits of high-efficiency inverter technology, zone control, multi-stage air filtration, effective dehumidification, and the convenience of remote access. Ductless HVAC opens up incredible opportunities at a wonderfully affordable price.

Energy Efficient HVAC with Ductless

With 36 years of service behind us, Primary Air Heating & Cooling, Inc. continues to look ahead, embracing rewarding and exciting innovation. We offer the very best in ductless technology. As a family-owned business, our operation is perfectly sized to take on complex projects without losing sight of personalized connections and considerations. Get in touch with us at (941) 213-5790 to discuss options and schedule ductless installation, seasonal maintenance, or repairs anywhere across Ellenton, Palmetto, Bradenton, Memphis, South Bradenton, and West Bradenton, FL.

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These guys are always out to make it right. They always do the best job. They’re informative, knowledgable and fare in pricing. Ive been with them for over fifteen years and two houses.

Ann A.

The A/C technician was very professional, he knew the A/C equipment, was very extensive in checking the A/C equipment, and completed the check-up in record time.

Clinton Z

Primary Air is an excellent air conditioning company. The system we invested in has given us excellent service.

Carol J.

They’ve helped me out of a bind more than once. The entire team is great to work with.

Joe W.

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